Mums and Bubs Group Exercise

Our Mums and Bubs Pilates classes allow new mums to bring their baby to class with them. We understand that in the early stages post-natal it can be difficult to maintain your own exercise and health needs. However, our small classes (maximum of 4 people) are supervised by Physiotherapist’s trained in Clinical Pilates to ensure that your return to exercise is safe and effective. Mums and Bubs classes are a fun and safe environment to help regain lost fitness and strength whilst interacting with your baby and other mothers.

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Our Physiotherapists can assist you to:


  • Achieve safe levels of exercise during pregnancy

  • Learn how to activate your pelvic floor

  • Avoid pelvic floor weakness

  • Maintain optimal posture during pregnancy

  • Avoid back pain

  • Maintain or regain your strength, in particular your core

  • Prevent abdominal muscle separation

  • Strengthen the muscles that provide support and stability to the spine and pelvis

  • Stretch tight muscles

  • Spend 45 minutes looking after yourself: Happy mum = happy baby

How to get started?

The best way to get started with Physiotherapy Group Exercise at our practice is to book your Introductory Assessment with one of our trained physiotherapists, by calling 9497 3098.  Patients must attend a minimum of two individual sessions. These sessions will allow you time to sit down with your physiotherapist to discuss your goals and expectations. Your physiotherapist will carry out a comprehensive assessment of any injuries or issues, as well as looking at your functional movement patterns. From there we can tailor an individualised program to allow you to reach your goals as quickly as possible. We aim to review all group attendees regularly to ensure that your treatment goals are being met.

Suitable for women who have had a C section or vaginal birth, who have abdominal separation, prolapse, pelvic girdle pain/instability, upper and lower back pain and for those who would like to maintain muscle tone and fitness during pregnancy.


To book call us on

9497 3098

or book online via the Book Online button at the top of this page